About Us

First Mutual Holding Co. was formed in 2015 as the first member-owned holding company created since the financial reforms of 2010. We were formed on the belief that a community bank, especially a mutual community bank, is essential to every community. We reaffirm this belief everyday by providing the support and resources that mutual banks need to thrive.

Working with us, our affiliates receive a diverse range of benefits including access to:

  • A broad suite of products and services;
  • shared services, including audit, compliance, information technology, accounting, human resources and marketing to name a few; 
  • innovative technology that meets the demands of today’s savvy consumer;
  •  the opportunity to preserve autonomy, gain economies of scale and achieve greater operational efficiencies; and
  •  our long-term commitment to preserving mutual banking for every community.

Contact us today to learn more about how your bank can benefit from an affiliation with us!