Helping Mutual Banks Thrive

Learn how our services support mutual banks.

Growing Communities One Mutual Bank at a Time

When mutual banks thrive, communities do too. First Mutual Holding Co. (FMHC) is a member-owned holding company dedicated to supporting the growth and operational needs of mutual banks in ways that allow them to serve their communities. Since 2015, we have been providing expanded capabilities, resources, operational services and growth opportunities for our member banks.

Affiliation and Success With FMHC

“Going into our third year, I can absolutely say this has been the right move,” said Smith. “We have been able to grow our company from approximately $34.6 million to $43.3 million in assets or 25.14% over the last two years. We have sustained profitability and increased product offerings and support.”
Shanda Smith, Blue Grass Federal president and CEO

We Believe in Five Guiding Principles

Power of Mutuality

Above all, we believe that empowering and supporting mutual banks is key to helping them better serve their customers and communities.

Value of Shared Services

Sharing ideas, products, operations, services, risks and resources offers individual mutual banks greater opportunities for efficiency and growth.

Blue Grass Federal found continued success by utilizing shared services like audit, accounting marketing, human resources, information technology and information security. Shanda Smith, president and CEO, noted that the decision to become a member bank gave her the ability to focus on growth and servicing her community.

Preservation of Local

Choosing a mutual bank is the ultimate example of buying local; as such, our member banks’ local impact and responsibility is critical to the success and longevity of mutuality.

We support our member banks in helping their communities thrive. First Federal Lakewood works closely with the community from offering financial literacy classes, volunteering and more.

Importance of Culture

From volunteering at the local Habitat for Humanity to making a difference in children’s lives, the First Mutual Bank team works together to help their community thrive.

Significance of Growth and Innovation

Advancements in technology, customer service and user experience are critical to the future of mutual banks. We are committed to creating an environment where growth and innovation are possible in order to remain relevant and competitive.