Ronald W. Dees

Chairperson, Board of Directors; (Retired) President, Bonne Bell, Inc.

Thomas J. Fraser


Rafael Alfonzo

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Radien Legacy Partners

W. Chas Geiger III

President, Geigers Clothing & Sports

William C. Huffman

Partner, Huffman, Hunt and Klym, LLC

Rebecca Ruppert-McMahon

Executive Director, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

Stephen D. Peterson, MSc

(Retired) Audit Business Leader / Chief Audit Officer, Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

Sara L. Stehlik

(Retired) Chief Risk Officer, Progressive Insurance

Sue B. Workman

(Retired) Vice President & CIO, Case Western Reserve University

Wendy L. Wilson

Owner & Independent Consultant, WLW Consulting LLC

Directors Emeritus

  • Gary R. Fix
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