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First Mutual Holding Co's Cookie Privacy Policy

When you visit First Mutual Holding Co‘s website,, the bank and our service providers acting on our behalf automatically collect specific data using tracking technologies called cookies. This policy describes what and how we use tracking technologies. 


The First Mutual Holding Co uses cookies to make our website easier to use and tailor our advertising messaging to your interests, needs, and behaviors. As you interact, cookies can remember certain information about you and your visitor session. Cookies are small data files sent to your browser or related software from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. In doing so, a cookie may enable us to relate your use of the sites to your personal information. Many other websites use cookies for very similar purposes. By themselves, cookies do not identify you specifically. Instead, they recognize your web browser. So, unless you identify yourself specifically to First Mutual Holding Co, like filling out a contact form, the bank does not know who you are just because you visited First Mutual Holding Co‘s website. Our site also collects location information with your permission, and we use that information to enhance the quality of our services by helping you find ATM and branch locations. Finally, we use and may share site visit information for analytics and advertising purposes to improve our products and services that allow us to provide more relevant advertising to the visitor.


First Mutual Holding Co or one of our third-party services may use the following types of cookies for the reasons described below:

Cookie TypeDescriptionManagement Setting
EssentialEssential cookies and tracking technologies are required to help the bank’s website function properly. For example, an essential cookie may be used to prevent visitors from logging in each time they access a new webpage in the same session.Required cookies are necessary to operate the account portal, so visitors cannot opt out of them.
FunctionalFunctionality cookies allow First Mutual Holding Co‘s site to remember users’ site preferences and choices, including web accessibility and language preferences.You can use your browser settings to opt out of functional cookies. For more information on how to do that, click here. Note that opting out may affect visitors’ functionality of the site.
AnalyticsAnalytics cookies and tracking technologies help us understand how customers and visitors interact with First Mutual Holding Co‘s website. They allow the bank to count visits and traffic sources to measure and improve the performance of our websites and services. They may collect your IP address but only to identify general locations of visitors and identify fraudulent or spam traffic.  The bank may also have third-party service providers track and analyze usage and volume statistical information from our site’s visitors.  Third-party service providers that currently place analytics cookies include: Google Analytics – The bank uses Google Analytics to help analyze which pages on First Mutual Holding Co‘s site visitors viewed.                 
 Please follow the instructions to opt out of the Google Analytics cookies we use on our website.


Visitors from Europe – If you live in the European Union or the European Economic Area, only essential cookies, as described above, will be used on our website and social sites by default. Other cookies and tracking technologies will only be used when you provide consent. 

Visitors from the United States and outside of Europe – If you live in the United States or outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area, all cookies described above will be used by default. If you would prefer not to receive personalized ads based on your browser or device usage, you may express your opt-out preference to no longer receive tailored advertisements by clicking on the opt-out option shown on the main page of the bank’s website. Please note that you will continue to see advertisements, but they will no longer be tailored to your interests. 

If you opt out of receiving certain cookies from the bank, your web browser will be associated with a generic “opt-out” cookie. This will prevent the bank from associating any non-personal information with your browser for a period of three months. After those three months, you will be prompted again for your cookie decision. Since this program is cookie-based, you may need to opt out again if you do any of the following:

  • Delete your cookies; 
  • Block cookies, including third-party cookies; 
  • Switch internet browsers;
  • Change computers; or 
  • Upgrade your web browser.

Google Analytics

You can opt-out of Google’s use of cookies or device identifiers without affecting how you visit or use First Mutual Holding Co‘s website. For more information on opting out of Google’s use of cookies across all websites you browse, visit: To provide you with more choices on how Google Analytics collects your data, Google has developed an opt-out browser add-on available at: and enables you to opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics. 

More Information about Cookies 

For more information about deleting and blocking cookies, visit: