M2: Mortgage Fulfillment Service

We understand the importance of improving mortgage efficiencies in today’s environment. M2, our mortgage fulfillment service, was created to do exactly that while enhancing your bottom line. This solution streamlines your bank’s operational functions of mortgage lending on a per loan cost basis.

Benefits of M2 Services

Our member banks and partners benefit from:

  • Centralized operational services, including secondary market services and loan operations services
  • Competitive pricing and execution
  • Enhanced customer experiences, including a bank-branded, user-friendly loan platform
  • Improved efficiencies, including reduced processing and closing times
  • Interest rate risk mitigation
  • Sophisticated loan origination system and point-of-sale connection

An Enhanced Customer Experience

M2 enhances your customer’s experience by providing a bank-branded, seamless mortgage process. Your bank’s loan officers continue to be the point of contact with customers every step of the way, ultimately leading to fewer errors, faster closing times and increased user satisfaction.

Get in touch to learn if M2 is right for your bank!